Ugly Spot Studio: Busy-Bee Syndrome...

Busy-Bee Syndrome...

has attacked me for the last two months, but I THINK it might be wearing off. I really hope so, I'm ready to fact, there are 36 days before my official season of relaxation...Autumn. 

Summer has been way too intense with all the traveling Jay and I have done, coupled with a few design projects and topped off with a REALLY long To-Do list for the school I work for. I managed to make a HUGE dent in the To-Do list, so that is good...and all the traveling...starting the summer off with a trip to Atlanta, followed by an AMAZING time in NYC, Charleston and then a 7-day cruise to the Western Caribbean to wrap it all up. 

We had a great summer, but the busyness of it all has kept me from my passions....craft time, cooking crazy recipes, hosting themed-dinner parties and re-decorating. As Fall draws near, I am making it a goal to make more time for these things that I love so much. 

I always say that the inside of my soul looks like the inside of Anthropologie, and yet, its a crazy shame that I don't allow myself the time to indulge myself in paper crafts, design time or even taste-testing my latest culinary creations. Hopefully things will start to look up as the weather gets cooler, the leaves start changing colors and I can start wearing layers and cute coats!

Oh PS...and its a BIG PS, I have been distracted all day long with this newly released *New Moon* trailer, I am super excited for this movie in November...until then, I'll leave you with this so that you can obsess with me:)

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