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Boy, Do My Friends "Get" Me...

Last night, our group of friends had our annual Christmas party...three years in the making. We always draw names for Secret Santa and exchange. Year before last we did an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, last year we did a Christmas PJ party...this year, it was a little more low-key, there's lots of babies now!

Personal Confession: I am not the "greenest" person on Earth. I try to be, really, but I'm a little OCD about notes. Like To-Do lists, notes at work, etc...they have to be really nice and neat. If I scribble notes during a meeting, I will re-write them afterwards to be really nice and neat. I "might" rewrite some things 3 and 4 times. My co-workers all pick on my crumbled balls of notes. I pretty tech-saavy too, but for me, nothing can replace the act of writing something down. I really love it. I mean, I LOVE filling out forms...but I usually ask for two forms, one to fill out and the second to fill out neatly. I know, I'm sorry:) best friends know this and accept my quirks in love. 

This year, my friend, David Stanfield (a super talented designer by the way) drew my name. He gave me 3 totally awesome gifts:

1. A handmade/illustrated card by David Stanfield himself - super amazing! Picture to come soon. 

2. A beautiful apron from Anthropologie (my soul-store)
I've always wanted a cutsy apron, but never get the nerve to buy one for now I don't have to wear the Starbucks apron that my husband "kept" after he quit the land of Bucks.

3. This AMAZING journal - "Wreck This Journal " by Keri Smith -  I don't know how I didn't know about this before, but FREAKIN-A, this thing is sooo cute! It's truly going to be a challenge because it goes against everything I stand for with regards to neatness, but I accept the challenge!! There's a whole Flikr community behind this project - take a look

I am soo thrilled for Christmas - I love my friends so much and even more because they know me, accept my quirks and STILL love me for who I am:)

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Masanotti's

I absolutely love Christmas time! I'm not a huge fan of really cold weather, but I do love layering, coats and scarves, and those don't fit too well with warm cold weather it is...

Jay and I don't have kids yet, we have two precious beagle puppies, so those are our kids for now and I'm sure we will start some crazy traditions when we do have kids but until then, we decided to start some of our own "family" traditions. We've been married three years, so of course we've had the tradition of putting up our tree, decorating with christmas lights, etc...but this year, we wanted to be more intentional, so we made a list of things we would like to do in this Advent season before Christmas Day. 

As my closest friends know all too well, I am addicted to lists...its therapeutic for me:) So...Here is our christmas to-do list (in no particular order):

- make christmas sugar cookies
- listen to christmas music (starting with C.Kincaid's album)
- put up christmas tree
- visit christmastown @ McAdenville, NC
- hang mistletoe
- watch "Elf" & wrap christmas presents
- make hot chocolate & watch "Home Alone"
- go to a brunch with friends (jess)
- christmas present shopping
- joy explosion christmas party
- donate canned goods
- go see a christmas play
- take family christmas picture
- letterpress christmas cards
- mail christmas cards
- make a fancy christmas dinner
- put up a wreath
- go see a new christmas movie (or rent one)
- watch old "rudolf" and "frosty" cartoon movies
- cringle a friends yard
- make gingerbread men/women
- go tubing at SnowPark

Counting down from today, 18 days until Christmas:) Consider making a list of your own for fun things to helps this season be more fun and intentional and for me, helps me not stress out  with all the crazies running around! 

Happy holidays, friends!


Introducing Plain Jane Threads

Apparel & Accessories for the Discerning Baby

Drop by and shop the amazing, handmade designs of Jane Godshall. 


Saturday, November 14 2009

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Come stock up on baby clothes for him & her, baby kerchiefs, blankets and more as the Holidays draw near.

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Want to learn how to sew??
Jane also offers classes for sewing, knitting and quilting. Sign-ups available on Saturday.

Please pass on this invitation to all your friends & family who appreciate quality baby fashion!
Hope to see you there!


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