Ugly Spot Studio: 09.09

One for the books...

Today, I turned 26 and if birthday parties could be representative of how that upcoming year will be, this one is definitely going to be one for the books:)

We celebrated this past Sunday. My Host-with-the-Most Husband, Jay, worked tirelessly to create a magical evening. He came up with an amazing menu and invited all the people I love the most in this world. He tried to hold me off (knowing that party planning, cooking and decorating are my heart's passions) for as long as he could, but luckily for me, on Saturday, he relinquished some of the duties to me...and OF COURSE, I went a little crazy. Here is the menu he picked out: Pumpkin Apple Bisque, Country Chili & Cornbread, Cowboy Espresso Ribs, Cilantro Cream Corn and Desserts by Surcee Cupcake Shop. AMAZING. 

I LOVE parties, but even more, I LOVE decorating for parties...I had a fun "craft day" on Saturday...making nametag bands for the mason jars, little food markers and painting chalkboard paint on this piece of wood for the menu. Take a look:

Another awesome thing about birthday parties are the gifts! I love gifts...getting them is awesome, but giving them is my favorite. I got some really amazing gifts this year...from cooking supplies, FRIENDS dvds, weekly organizers, pens and more...but the BEST gift of all was my new Letterpress machine!! Thank you to everyone who made this birthday the greatest ever. Meet my new friend: Adana, the Letterpress:) She and I will be hanging out A LOT.

Giddy Like A Little School Girl

I missed the VMA's but first thing this morning, I made sure I found this and I LOVE it! I think a New Moon party idea is brewing...have got to pull together the other Twilighters in my life to prepare...November cannot get here soon enough.

For those who love this as much as I do:


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