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April's Shower...

...Brings Ethne Rain Calnin

March 29, 2009
Baby Shower for April Calnin

Joined by two of my favorite people, Nicole and Rachael, we put on a baby shower for our lovely friend, April. I had the pleasure of designing the invitations for this "Tea Party"-themed event. 

The Menu:
* Cream & Ginger Lemon Scones (homemade by Nicole - delicious!)
* Shortbread with Pear Slices & Marscapone Cheese
* Fruit Salad (crafted by Rachael)
* Fruit Preserves & Homemade Whipped Cream
* Biscotti Cookies

The Drinks:
* Jasmine Tea
* Chamomile Tea
* Coffee

The Game:
* Celebrity Baby Names

The Favors:
* Tea Bags (customized with the due date tags) in little gift boxes

Lady Magnolia's Shower

I had the honor(along with two of my best friends, April and Rachael) of throwing a baby shower for our dear friend, Nicole. The baby's name, Magnolia, was a secret. So for the invitation design, I used abstract magnolias as a teaser. Only the mom and a few others recognized the symbolism, which was sweet. 

In addition to the invitations, I also took on a paper craft project and handmade paper magnolia flowers (courtesy of Paper Source) to decorate the food table. Those took me about 4 hours to finish, and I had glue on my fingers for days after, but well worth it. For part of her gift, I also handmade a baby mobile with trees and owls. (pictures of the flowers and mobile to come soon)

The Menu:
* Fennel Salad- famous recipe from Bracken
* Cajun Crab Dip- Nicole's favorite:)
* Green Apple Slices with Cinnamon Caramel Dip
* Strawberries and Green Grapes
* Ham Mini-Sandwiches (Rachael's Recipe)

The Drinks:
* Cucumber Mint Water
* Pomegranite & Raspberry Izzes & Club Soda
* Sweet Tea

The Game:
* Baby Name Mania

The Favors:
* Personalized Candles

Aaron & Jaesoon Masanotti

Aaron & Jaesoon
September 6, 2008
Pine Mountain, Georgia

The date was chosen, the venue locked and the beautiful log cabins assigned...all that was left were the invitations. Aaron and Jaesoon are an extraordinary couple. He is a chef at the Ritz-Charlton and she was working at the Ritz in the Korean exchange 

The invitations were designed to intermingle the cultures of the bride and groom.


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