Ugly Spot Studio: 07.09

While the Husband's Away...

...the wife will eat! For those who know me best, when Jay goes out of town, I tend to eat cereal for dinner. This past week, it was a mix between Special K with blueberries and Captain Crunch berries:) Well, while my husband is 4500 miles away in Argentina, I got pretty tired of the cereal. I went to the good ole' Harris Teeter to get inspired. I browsed each aisle hoping to get inspired by something amazing. A fun fact about me is that I could eat Mexican or Asian food every day of the week...could also probably eat my weight in chips/salsa or sushi, I've known to do that once...or twice. The vegetables in the produce section caught my eye almost immediately, so I picked up a little of this and a little of that to make a yummy stirfry. Asian was the choice tonight! What next...

I made my way through the cheese aisle successfully without grabbing anything...cheese is my weakness. (I can ALWAYS make an excuse and try to justify how brie goes with everything) But then I stopped for a moment with HT's fresh baked Olive & Herb Filone bread - AMAZING...but no, didn't quite match up with my Asian theme for the night. Finally, I arrived at the seafood section of the deli. They had the biggest scallops I have seen in awhile. I LOVE scallops, but not those little bay guys...those are pretty gross. So I picked up a half pound of scallops to finish off my meal. 

The scallops were easy. I just melted some butter in a skillet, sauteed some fresh garlic, then turned the heat up a bit to sear the scallops on both sides...about 2-3 minutes on each side. I was really excited with the garlicky crust that came about on each one. The veggies were easy to stirfry with just a touch of sesame oil and about a tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce. I was so excited about how yummy this meal was, I decided to share it. I LOVE cooking and trying new recipes and new things, so move aside cereal, I'm going to experiment again tonight...what to cook? Any suggestions??

Speaking of Weddings...

I loved my wedding! My husband and I will celebrate our three year anniversary this November. I find myself in the midst of wedding season, designing invitations to attending friends' weddings, I can't help but reminisce on my own. I really loved everything. That was actually my first wedding invitation design. Jay and I actually met on the internet so a lot of our family and friends were meeting for the first time at our wedding. We did a booklet invitation with a "How we met" section, Invite, Directions, Hotel Info, Reception, etc...

My obsession with wedding planning, decorating, catering, photography, design, etc. grows more and more day I will probably venture out to be a wedding
 day...until then Ill just continue to collect ideas and feed my healthy obsession:)

Most of you didn't know me when Jay and I got married, so here is a glimpse of our day. Photos by the amazing Amanda Zabrocki of Amanda Zabrocki Photography in Columbia, SC.

Let the Wedding Season Begin

I know...technically, the wedding season began a couple months ago, but for me, it is just starting to kick into full gear. To say I've been busy this summer is quite the understatement...working full-time - traveling to NYC, Charleston and the Western Caribbean - trying to squeeze in time for the things I love the most...invitation design, cooking & hosting parties and more.

This week I finished up these wedding itineraries for my dear friend, Mary Kluttz, and her son's upcoming nuptials. Their wedding theme focused on these adirondack chairs...the ultimate symbols of comfort and simplicity, leisure and relaxation - a great way to start off a wonderful marriage...colors are green and ivory. Enjoy!

America! Yay!

Happy 4th of July, friends!

We are going a wedding this afternoon, so we did our 4th celebration with friends last night with a cookout and a mean game of "America ball"...of which my husband is still trying to convince me is a REAL game.

So in continued celebration of the fourth, here are some of my favorite things found as I was browsing some brilliant recipe collections.

Hats off to the queen of entertaining, Martha Stewart


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