Ugly Spot Studio: Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

My friend, Bracken, is a wonderful painter/mixed-media artist here in Charlotte. She asked me to model in an "Alice in Wonderland"-themed photoshoot today. I am totally flattered that she would even think of me (refer to uglyspots story...)

Inspired by vintage clocks and antique mirrors, here is a sneak peek at the genius of my friend and her vision. She will chose a photo and then use it to create a mixed media painting. I can't wait to see the final product.

Thanks for the opportunity, Bracken!!


Alli said...

You look beautiful! Cool pics!

Anonymous said...

you're welcome my lovely lady! THANK YOU for taking the time to come out and help me! I cannot wait to see the final results of this series!!

MissWonderlander said...

Aaah! So lovely!
I love the one with purple (?) hair :D

Alice forever!


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